"installations": [
            "id": 1740,
            "name": "Abacus",
            "full_name": "Abacus (British Columbia Research Libraries' Data Services) Dataverse",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Open for researchers associated with British Columbia universities to deposit data.",
            "lat": 49.259982,
            "lng": -123.250212,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/abacus-46x46.jpg",
            "url": "https://dvn.library.ubc.ca/dvn/",
            "slug": "abacus",
            "version": "3.6"
            "id": 1771,
            "name": "ADA Dataverse",
            "full_name": "Australian Data Archive",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "The Australian Data Archive provides a national service for collecting, preserving, publishing and accessing digital research data.",
            "lat": -35.343784,
            "lng": 149.082977,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/ada-46x46.jpg",
            "url": "https://dataverse.ada.edu.au/",
            "slug": "ada-dataverse",
            "version": "4.6.1"
            "id": 1773,
            "name": "AUSSDA Dataverse",
            "full_name": "Austrian Social Science Data Archive",
            "is_active": false,
            "description": "Your trusted source for social sciences data in Austria and beyond. Find data, share data, and cite data with confidence.",
            "lat": 48.210033,
            "lng": 16.363449,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/aussda-46x46.png",
            "url": "https://data.aussda.at/",
            "slug": "aussda-dataverse",
            "version": "4.6.2"
            "id": 1759,
            "name": "Catalogues (CDSP)",
            "full_name": "Catalogues (CDSP)",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Open for researchers and organizations associated with\r\nFrench universities to deposit data. Hosted by the Center for\r\nSocio-Political Data (Sciences Po and CNRS).",
            "lat": 48.854027,
            "lng": 2.328351,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/catalogues-46x46.png",
            "url": "https://catalogues.cdsp.sciences-po.fr/",
            "slug": "catalogues-cdsp",
            "version": "4.6.1"
            "id": 1763,
            "name": "CIFOR",
            "full_name": "Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) Dataverse",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) Dataverse",
            "lat": -6.594293,
            "lng": 106.806000,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/CIFOR-46x46.png",
            "url": "https://data.cifor.org/dataverse/s",
            "slug": "cifor",
            "version": "4.6"
            "id": 1741,
            "name": "CIMMYT",
            "full_name": "CIMMYT Dataverse",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Free, open access repository of research data and software produced and developed by CIMMYT scientists.",
            "lat": 19.531535,
            "lng": -98.846064,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/cimmyt-46x46.jpg",
            "url": "http://data.cimmyt.org/",
            "slug": "cimmyt",
            "version": "3.0"
            "id": 1764,
            "name": "CIRAD",
            "full_name": "CIRAD Dataverse",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Organisme fran\u00e7ais de recherche agronomique et de coop\u00e9ration internationale pour le d\u00e9veloppement durable des r\u00e9gions tropicales et m\u00e9diterran\u00e9ennes, les activit\u00e9s du CIRAD rel\u00e8vent des sciences du vivant, des sciences sociales et des sciences de l\u2019ing\u00e9nieur appliqu\u00e9es \u00e0 l\u2019agriculture, \u00e0 l\u2019alimentation, \u00e0 l\u2019environnement et \u00e0 la gestion des territoires.\r\n\r\nFrench agricultural research and international cooperation organization working for the sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions, CIRAD's activities concern the life sciences, social sciences and engineering sciences, applied to agriculture, the environment and territorial management.",
            "lat": 43.650089,
            "lng": 3.869122,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/cirad-46x46.jpg",
            "url": "https://dataverse.cirad.fr/",
            "slug": "cirad",
            "version": "4.5"
            "id": 1743,
            "name": "DataSpace@HKUST",
            "full_name": "DataSpace@HKUST",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "",
            "lat": 22.336281,
            "lng": 114.266721,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/dataspace-46x46.jpg",
            "url": "https://dataspace.ust.hk/",
            "slug": "dataspacehkust",
            "version": "4.2"
            "id": 1762,
            "name": "Dataverse e-cienciaDatos",
            "full_name": "Dataverse e-cienciaDatos",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Repositorio de Datos del Consorcio Madro\u00f1o.",
            "lat": 40.416775,
            "lng": -3.749200,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/consorciomadrono-46x46.gif",
            "url": "https://edatos.consorciomadrono.es/",
            "slug": "dataverse-e-cienciadatos",
            "version": "4.6"
            "id": 1742,
            "name": "DataverseNL",
            "full_name": "DataverseNL",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Open for researchers and organizations associated with Dutch universities to deposit data.",
            "lat": 52.547260,
            "lng": 5.242346,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/logosdataverseNL-46x46.png",
            "url": "https://dataverse.nl/",
            "slug": "dataversenl",
            "version": "4.6.1"
            "id": 1767,
            "name": "DataverseNO",
            "full_name": "Dataverse Network Norway",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Research data archive open for Norwegian research institutions. Operated by UiT The Arctic University of Norway.",
            "lat": 69.649208,
            "lng": 18.955324,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/dataverseNO-46x46.png",
            "url": "https://dataverse.no/",
            "slug": "dataverseno",
            "version": "4.7.1"
            "id": 1768,
            "name": "DR-NTU (Data)",
            "full_name": "Nanyang Technological University",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "The institutional open access research data repository for Nanyang Technological University (NTU). NTU researchers are encouraged to use DR-NTU (Data) to deposit, publish and archive their final research data in order to make their research data discoverable, accessible and reusable.",
            "lat": 1.348668,
            "lng": 103.683104,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/NTULogo_2.gif",
            "url": "https://researchdata.ntu.edu.sg",
            "slug": "dr-ntu-data",
            "version": "4.7.1"
            "id": 1744,
            "name": "Fudan University",
            "full_name": "Fudan University Dataverse",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Open for Fudan University affiliated researchers to deposit data.",
            "lat": 31.298531,
            "lng": 121.501446,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/fudan-46x46.png",
            "url": "https://dvn.fudan.edu.cn/home/",
            "slug": "fudan-university",
            "version": "4.x"
            "id": 1745,
            "name": "Harvard University",
            "full_name": "Harvard University",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Share, archive, and get credit for your data. Find and cite data across all research fields.",
            "lat": 42.380098,
            "lng": -71.116629,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/harvard-46x46.png",
            "url": "https://dataverse.harvard.edu",
            "slug": "harvard-university",
            "version": "4.8.4"
            "id": 1746,
            "name": "Heidelberg University",
            "full_name": "Heidelberg University HeiDATA Dataverse",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Open for Heidelberg University affiliated researchers to deposit data.",
            "lat": 49.398750,
            "lng": 8.672434,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/heidelberg-46x46.jpg",
            "url": "https://heidata.uni-heidelberg.de/",
            "slug": "heidelberg-university",
            "version": "4.6.1"
            "id": 1747,
            "name": "IBICT",
            "full_name": "IBICT (Brazil)",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "The network Cariniana, cariniana.ibict.br,  is funded entirely by the Brazilian government and in particular by MCTI (Minist\u00e9rio da Ci\u00eancia, Tecnologia e Inova\u00e7\u00e3o). It is a project for long-term preservation of scientific publications in Brazil.",
            "lat": -15.805842,
            "lng": -47.881369,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/ibict-46x46.jpg",
            "url": "https://repositoriopesquisas.ibict.br/",
            "slug": "ibict",
            "version": "4.5.1"
            "id": 1757,
            "name": "ICRISAT",
            "full_name": "ICRISAT",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics.  Free open data repository of ICRISAT research data including Social science, Phenotypic, Genotypic, Spatial and Soil & Weather data which are linked with open publications.",
            "lat": 17.385000,
            "lng": 78.486700,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/icrisat-46x46.png",
            "url": "http://dataverse.icrisat.org/",
            "slug": "icrisat",
            "version": "4.8.1"
            "id": 1748,
            "name": "International Institute of Social History",
            "full_name": "International Institute of Social History",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "The IISH Dataverse contains micro-, meso-, and macro-level datasets on social and economic history.",
            "lat": 52.369021,
            "lng": 4.939226,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/internationalInstituteOfSocialHistory-46x46.jpg",
            "url": "https://datasets.socialhistory.org/",
            "slug": "international-institute-of-social-history",
            "version": "4.3"
            "id": 1749,
            "name": "Johns Hopkins University",
            "full_name": "Johns Hopkins",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Johns Hopkins University Data Archive",
            "lat": 39.329055,
            "lng": -76.620335,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/johns-46x46.jpg",
            "url": "https://archive.data.jhu.edu/",
            "slug": "johns-hopkins-university",
            "version": "4.6"
            "id": 1750,
            "name": "Libra Data",
            "full_name": "Libra Data (University of Virginia)",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Libra Data is a place for UVA researchers to share data publicly, and is part of the Libra Scholarly Repository suite of services which includes works of UVA scholarship such as articles, books, theses, and data.",
            "lat": 38.034578,
            "lng": -78.507394,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/libra-46x46.jpg",
            "url": "https://dataverse.lib.virginia.edu/",
            "slug": "libra-data",
            "version": "4.7.1"
            "id": 1756,
            "name": "Maine Dataverse Network",
            "full_name": "Maine Dataverse Network",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "A service brought to you by the ACG@UMaine. The way Supercomputing should be!",
            "lat": 44.901349,
            "lng": -68.671815,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/uOfMaine-46x46.jpg",
            "url": "http://dataverse.acg.maine.edu/dvn/",
            "slug": "maine-dataverse-network",
            "version": "3.5.1"
            "id": 1752,
            "name": "Peking University",
            "full_name": "Peking University",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Peking University Open Research Data Platform",
            "lat": 39.993923,
            "lng": 116.306539,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/peking-46x46.jpg",
            "url": "http://opendata.pku.edu.cn/",
            "slug": "peking-university",
            "version": "4.0"
            "id": 1758,
            "name": "Scholars Portal",
            "full_name": "Scholars Portal Dataverse",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Open for researchers and organizations associated with Ontario universities to deposit data.",
            "lat": 43.653200,
            "lng": -79.383200,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/scholarsportal-46x46.jpg",
            "url": "https://dataverse.scholarsportal.info/",
            "slug": "scholars-portal",
            "version": "4.7.1"
            "id": 1761,
            "name": "Texas Data Repository Dataverse",
            "full_name": "Texas Data Repository Dataverse",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "A statewide archive of research data from Texas Digital Library (TDL) member institutions.",
            "lat": 30.307182,
            "lng": -97.755996,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/tdl-46x46.png",
            "url": "https://dataverse.tdl.org/",
            "slug": "texas-data-repository-dataverse",
            "version": "4.7.1"
            "id": 1772,
            "name": "UNB Libraries Dataverse",
            "full_name": "University of New Brunswick Libraries",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "",
            "lat": 45.964993,
            "lng": -66.646332,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/unbDataverse-46x46.png",
            "url": "https://dataverse.lib.unb.ca/",
            "slug": "unb-libraries-dataverse",
            "version": "4.8.2"
            "id": 1751,
            "name": "UNC",
            "full_name": "UNC Dataverse",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Open for all researchers worldwide from all disciplines to deposit data. The Odum Institute also offers multiple data curation service levels. For more information, go to http://www.irss.unc.edu/odum/contentPrimary.jsp?nodeid=5.",
            "lat": 35.905022,
            "lng": -79.050851,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/unc-46x46.png",
            "url": "https://dataverse.unc.edu/",
            "slug": "unc",
            "version": "4.7.1"
            "id": 1755,
            "name": "University of Alberta Libraries",
            "full_name": "University of Alberta Libraries Dataverse",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "Open for University of Alberta affiliated researchers to deposit data.",
            "lat": 53.494321,
            "lng": -113.549027,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/uOfAlberta-46x46.jpg",
            "url": "https://dataverse.library.ualberta.ca/dvn/",
            "slug": "university-of-alberta-libraries",
            "version": "4.5.1"
            "id": 1765,
            "name": "University of Manitoba Dataverse",
            "full_name": "University of Manitoba Dataverse",
            "is_active": true,
            "description": "",
            "lat": 49.895077,
            "lng": -97.138451,
            "logo": "https://services.dataverse.harvard.edu/media/logos/manitoba-46x46.jpg",
            "url": "https://dataverse.lib.umanitoba.ca/",
            "slug": "university-of-manitoba-dataverse",
            "version": "4.6.2"